Anyone here on Reddit?


Hi everyone, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Reddit recently. There is a mostly dead subreddit forum there called r/druidry. It has a few link posts to various sites including this forum, JMG’s blog, and Dana’s blog.

I was thinking we could use this forum as an additional place to discuss revival Druidry (as opposed to general Druidry which is a different, much more active, subreddit called r/druidism). If people want to get into politics or other issues we avoid on this forum, that could be a good place to do it!

I’ll check in over the next few days to see if there are any new visitors. Maybe I’ll see some of you over there.


That’s me that’s been throwing some links on the r/Druidry reddit to try to liven it up a bit. So I’m all for folks posting up things there, I’ll read them!


Ive looked at the r/druidism but i am not a member of reddit.


@treeclimber Might be the wise move, honestly. I learn a lot of stuff on there, and there’s also a lot of good humor, but it’s pretty argumentative sometimes. I get annoyed with athiests that go to religious subreddits and stink the place up… I’ve nothing against athiests mind you, it’s the rudeness. But, I have to let it go… Deep breaths. It’s just the internet. :slight_smile:

@mhop3223 Oh ok that’s you, I just replied to your comment (as Caladfwlch).


I just found my way here from there! Excited to read and learn here.