Call for participation in study on Druids and death rituals


Hello everyone!

I am posting on behalf of a Druid I know through another Druid forum (The Druid Network). The woman in question is working on a doctoral research project pertaining to modern Druids and their beliefs/opinions about death and death rituals.

The researcher’s name is Jenny Uzzell. This is what she wrote to pitch her study, on the TDN forum:

I am conducting doctoral research into contemporary Druids and death ritual; particularly funerals, memorialisation and relationships with ancestors. I have put together a survey looking into these topics and it would be great if some of the folks on here wanted to fill it in. It is quite long, as I am hoping that it will build into the largest body of research currently available on this topic. However, it does not need to be completed all at once as you can save progress and return to it later. It will be live until the end of April.

You can find it here:


I have filled out the survey, myself, and it is not really as terribly long as she makes it out to be. I am personally interested in what comes of her study, and would love to see her have as broad and robust a data set to work with as is possible. So, I am re-posting her announcement (with her permission) here, in the hope that some of our wonderful AODA druids will be willing to share a “New World” perspective on these issues.


Thanks Larisa. I’ve started it and it seems very interesting.


The survey itself might not be that long, but my answers sure were! Maybe I went a little overboard :slight_smile:


I just want to say, how cool is it that someone is doing a dissertation on druidry! :slight_smile:


This is a subject that has arrived at my front door more than once in the past six years.

There is/can be no single response. Some people we love die with no final wishes expressed, no will, no provisions for medical treatment, and no established mourning or funeral. I have lost four in such a fashion, and one died at a distance where I could not attend.

We as an Order and as humans need to address this for ourselves and each other.

So…I’d like to crowd source this within AODA. It is likely to be a bit painful, but out of reflection on that pain, a sort of beauty can come into being. If not beauty, at least context, meaning and a realization of what can and has bound us together. I’m not looking for a manual. Just stories, ideas, and hopefully the ability to draw something of value for ourselves and our communities.


I’ve done it. Personally, I wish it was longer: I don’t think there’s enough questions.