From a midwest artist


I just started training and will be heading down the bardic path. I plan to do a series of paintings based on what I am learning.samhain detail 50dpi print 5x7


Welcome. I was a visual artist many years ago. Occasionally, I still pick up the brush just to feel that flow of energy that you get when painting.


Nancy, welcome! I’m very excited to see more of your inspired paintings. It would be nice for those of us who are visual artists to share!


Welcome and thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork.


Thanks, everyone. I don’t have a lot of time to get on here so please don’t be offended if I respond slowly! Now that I am “retired” I spend 11 hours a day taking care of my toddler grandson. It makes me some money to spend on more art supplies.
I paint in acrylics and water media, I also dabble in about 50 other arts and crafts. I have a bunch of my art on my Facebook page. I used to have a website but I let it lapse. Maybe I should do that again.