Magus 2018


For those of you who are also OBOD members, the Mid Atlantic Gathering of US OBOD Druids (MAGUS) is happening the 2nd week of May at Four Quarters Farm. It is likely going to fill up pretty quickly. The event last year was an amazing experience, even if it was a bit cold and rainy. Four Quarters is about 2 hours outside of the DC area.

I’ll be there and will be leading the main ritual and a workshop. I’d love to see some of you there!


I am making plans to be there. It will be my first Druid gathering, ever.


Tamara, it is a great first gathering for you to attend! MAGUS was outstanding last year and I expect it to be outstanding again this year :).

One thing you might want to know–they will tell you about this, but there will be some kind of Eisteddfod every night. You might want to bring something to share (a poem, song, etc). Its a really fun part of the gathering :).


I am very sorry, but the twin failure of our car and dryer in the past three weeks has eliminated any travel budget for an event other than the Toronto Parliament of World Religions in November of this year.