Panthaecon 2017 Meet and Greet


I will be hosting a meet and greet for the order and friends of the order at Pantheacon 2017. It will be on Saturday, February 18th at 6PM - 7PM (or later) at the tables on the Upper Mezzanine by the tree rooms. Come by, say hi, pick up some AODA business cards and stay to chat about the order, druidry or anything else.

Pantheacon 2017 is being held at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California on February 17-20. Hotel space fills up quickly, though there are several nearby overflow hotels.

The AODA meet and greet will be held in a space that does not require a paid Pantheacon membership, though I would encourage those who are attending to get one.

Under the oaks,


I may have missed it, but what city and state please?


I’ve updated the first post with location and links.


I am definitely planning on being there. Schedule looks like good fun.


Unfortunately it would take either 3 days off of work and over $1700 for us just to get there (not counting food, admission, hotel, etc.) or 7+ days off work and over $600 to drive it. Maybe someday :slight_smile: It looks like a really fun and interesting time!


The program looks amazing. As I read through it, I mentally selected which sessions I would attend. However I don’t think I can make it this year, but it’s a possibility. I’ll decide this week.


This will be the first time in over 15 year that I will be attending PantheaCon. I will attempt to remember to stop by and say hello.

I suspect that I will largely be hiding our near the Pagan Scholars den, due to some PTSD issues, but I have hopes of possibly making one or two workshops.


Thanks for arranging for this, @Carmiac. While I could not get into the hotel (can’t wrap my mind around the crazy hotel issue), it does seem there are others in the area (which means Uber, perhaps. Trying to determine if I can make it, as I have to be in the same area a week later for work (could not stay that in-between week), so fingers crossed.

This is an incentive, though!!


You know I’ll be there @carmiac! Do you need help staffing the table?


The more the merrier!


I will definitely come down for the meet-and-greet! I will have a tough time getting enough time "off’ from my 5 y.o. to make it worth purchasing a weekend-long membership for the Con. Look forward to putting some real faces in the place of user names and thumbnails!


Registered, and somehow was able to get into the Conference Hotel.

So, seems there may be an informal AODA group at PantheaCon after all?!?!


Now that we are a bit under 2 weeks from PantheaCon, who else is planning to attend?

@carmiac, you are still planning to be there for part of this?


I am still planning to be there for the meet and greet 6-7pm.

Would also be interested in meeting up with folks for lunch that day, and/or tea-time, and/or dinner after the meet and greet, if there is any interest, and if people have any spare time in their Pantheacon agendas!

Though I am an “early-to-bed and early-to-rise” type of person (tiny bi-pedal alarm clock makes this so), so unlikely to stay much past 9pm.


Will you be there for the weekend or just that day, @Larisa?


@jeffrey, I am afraid I cannot get away for the whole weekend. But I have managed to pack my boys (son and husband) off on an adventure for the second half of Saturday, so I can get down there around lunch time, and stay through the evening of just that one day.

I do not know how much session-attending I will do, but I really do want to take the opportunity to meet some AODA folks face to face, and do a bit of browsing in the vendor area. If you have gaps in your planned schedule (I know you are traveling FAR to attend.), let me know!


I will be there Friday and Saturday and look forward to meeting folks. I do plan on attending some workshops but will be available. See you there!


I will be there! My current plans are to arrive sometime on Friday, and then leave sometime Sunday morning. I’ll be hosting the meet and greet along with @mizket. I’ll be attending several of the Druidic workshops, but also taking plenty of time to just meet people in the common areas. See you all there!


I am planning to attend! It will be fun to see everybody there! I’m planning to stay for the whole weekend.


So it seems there may be a few of us at PantheaCon 2017!

While I have not finished setting my schedule, what I am leaning toward can be found via the Sched for the session. I am here.. I am not expecting to know may people there, so will probably avoid the common areas unless I know something specifically is happening there (let’s just say, I feel more comfortable in nature or in a scheduled session of some sort, and struggle with social things until I know some people).

I arrive to SFO late morning and then need to find a way to get to San Jose (probably a train). I fly out on Sunday night from SFO on the red-eye so will need to leave Sunday early evening (again, probably on a train).