Panthaecon 2017 Meet and Greet


Let’s Use This Post for AODA PantheaCon Scheduling.
It is set as a wiki, so edit it for any time, place, or event that we AODA members can have an unofficial gathering at PantheaCon 2017.

@carmiac said:
“The upper mezzanine [by the tree rooms] should be a nice spot for meeting in general, since it usually has a bunch of empty tables and people reading or discussing quietly.”

So, let’s plan to meet up there, for all gatherings. Once people have arrived, we can either grab grub and continue conversing there, or we can head out to a restaurant, as a group.

Friday, Feb 17

Saturday, Feb 18
Noon - AODA Lunch Gathering
Meet up at tables by the tree rooms, BYO brown bag lunch – since people may trickle in and out from sessions, and we don’t want to miss anyone.
(Who will come: Larisa, AdamM, Jeffrey, and?)

Options for Eating at Pantheacon are listed here. It looks as if option #1 on their list would be a good place to pick up a “brown-bag” lunch. If there is sufficient demand, there will also be a sushi bar (fingers crossed). I would be surprised if you could not get some take-away there, as well. Both options are right inside the convention hotel lobby.

6PM - AODA Meet and Greet, then dinner?
Meet up at tables by the tree rooms. Dinner location TBD.
(Who will come: AdamM, Larisa, Jeffrey, and?)

Sunday, Feb 19


So, AODA lunch?

Of those who will be there on Saturday, who’s in?

NB: We can meet up at the AODA table (if there is one)…

@carmiac, is there to be any kind of ongoing AODA presence/table at the Con, at which folks can gather to meet up? Or is that just a meeting spot you chose for the official AODA meet-and-greet?

Though, I suppose, we can still meet up at the same spot, either way, and go from there. @jeffrey, we can hunt for a quiet spot, out of the way of traffic, to minimize overstimulation by mobs of strangers.

@oliversmithcallis: are you and your family up for lunch? Or will you be attending alone?


I am free between 1:30 and 3:30 (if I don’t go make some dragons blood incense). No worries in either case. Looking forward to it…


@pkford: I am happy to meet up whenever. Why don’t you post a proposal in the wiki post calendar, and see who else signs up? I will. Maybe a coffee or tea? Or late lunch, if people prefer that time?


Yes, perhaps @carmiac can add what he was thinking to the PantheaCon wiki post, too.


Hi everyone,

There isn’t a table or anything permanent this year, but since it looks like we’re going to have quite a few of us, maybe we should think about it for next year!

The upper mezzanine should be a nice spot for meeting in general, since it usually has a bunch of empty tables and people reading or discussing quietly. I do like the idea of meeting for lunch on Saturday. Hopefully @mizket will be able to meet us by then.

My planned schedule is at


My PantheaCon plan (still very much in development) is here:

I am leaving late afternoon on Sunday, so will miss many good presentations then. Hoping we can do our AODA gatherings (even in one of the hospitality or informal areas, though as a newbie, I am still learning what to expect).


The yellow wiki-post with the schedule has been updated. If you have not yet rsvp’d for the events you plan to attend, please go ahead and add your name! (You can edit the wiki by clicking on the three dots at the bottom, then on the pencil icon that appears when you do so.)

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Sounds like you all have a good little gathering brewing! Look forward to hearing about it! Wish i could come!


I am not sure if anybody gets notifications for changes / edits to our WIKI gathering post, but I added myself AND added two questions.


One question answered in wiki, above.


That works for me!

So, seems there are 3 of us headed to PantheaCon. I would not be surprised if a few more may not be around but not mentioned here :wink:


I believe @pkford and @oliversmithcallis are planning to attend, as well.
Just don’t know if they will be joining us for lunch or dinner.
And possibly an @mizket, too? @carmiac suggested she might be coming, as well.

Fingers crossed for a group of five, or maybe even six.


So! I’m going to head down in the evening, after a full day of baby duty. :slight_smile: I may be able to make dinner happen, but I’d have to miss a lunch gathering. That’s totally fine though.


Hopefully we will meet up on Friday night and see what works. I notice I will be attending some of the same classes as some others. Looks like good fun.


I seem to have gotten mixed up. I see the meet and greet is Saturday. I am at a session until 12:30 so I may miss you. Hopefully I will meet up with folks that evening.


@pkford: we will be having lunch AT the meet-up location (brown-bag style), and I figured some folks would be in sessions until 12:30, so just grab some grub when you get out of your session, and come on by! I am sure to still be there at least until 1:30pm (longer if good conversation is happening :slight_smile:) Hope to see you then!


Add yourselves to the wiki post (above, in yellow) where possible if you are planing to attend; will help us be on the lookout (especially if the crowds are anything like I am led to believe and we may have trouble finding each other).


I’ll try to get there a bit early, and snag a table. Look for the redhead with the AODA patch on her black fleece vest, and a lap full of crocheted lace.


Just a quick comment: I wish I could be there with you guys :cry: :wink: