Panthaecon 2017 Meet and Greet


@atilio.baroni: Next year in Amazonia!


Hey everyone, I’ve been out of touch… I arrived late at the conference but I made it! Is anyone still here today?


Sorry we missed you! Had a couple of wonderful lunch and dinner gatherings there, yesterday. But I believe most people are headed home by now. :disappointed:


Sorry I missed you Oliver. We kept hoping. Jeffrey was going to be there part of today and maybe Carmiac. I hope you found them.


Sorry to miss you Larisa and Patrick and all! I got caught in a flood on the I5 heading south from Eugene and our trip took us several hours longer because the freeway was at a standstill and we had to take the long way around… I did get to meet Jeffrey but I didn’t see Carmiac… Next time…


I was glad to meet with our little group AND then later with @oliversmithcallis as well!

I have two pics of my two meetings, and want to post them here, but want to get an OK first from our little groups. Let me know if ok to share here.

Wonderful to meet!!


Please share away, @jeffrey! I, personally, have no objection to posting them here. I’d love to see the pictures! And maybe the smiles will encourage other get-togethers.


Thanks, @Larisa!

Now to get the OKs from @carmiac @oliversmithcallis @mizket and @pkford and I will have 2 photos to post!!


It would be good fun to have a photo of the crew. Thanks for thinking of it Jeffrey.


I just checked with @carmiac and that is absolutely A-OK with both of us.

It was great to meet everyone! I’m inspired to learn more about druidry thanks to all of you!


Here was our AODA group gathering at PantheaCon 2017. Good times!!

From left: @Larisa @jeffrey @mizket @pkford @carmiac


Nice to see all of you! :smile:

This is definitely one good and worthwhile result of this forum, a reason to celebrate!


That’s fine by me @Jeffrey!


. . . and here was the wonderful opportunity when I was able to meet up with @oliversmithcallis at PantheaCon!

Good times in San Jose!


Hello all - very sorry I missed this thread about a meetup - I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to check the forum before the con - glad it was a success. I really enjoyed this year’s Pantheacon. On the list of sessions I enjoyed that might be appropriate to this crew:

  • I thought Kristoffer Hughs’ talk on death was remarkable.
  • Amber and Azrael K’s presentation for Tree-hugging dirt worshipers gave many, many thoughtful pieces of advice on connecting with the land around us (and more than a few book recommendations.
  • The Sisterhood of Avalon had a great series on sovereignty and their cycle of healing

I would love to hear what sessions others enjoyed at the con.


I’m so glad you all were able to meet up! (And quite a bit jealous, too… :wink:)

Perhaps one of these years I can combine a bunch of trips into one long trip that connects to Pantheacon and catch up with you then.

Thanks for the pictures!


It was great to meet everyone in person. I had a wonderful time and I only wish I could have stayed for more. Thanks for the pictures!


Thanks for posting, great that you all were able to get together!!


Thanks for sharing the photos! Great to see everyone! :slight_smile:


I wrote up a brief summary of my experiences, and while I have not blogged in some time, this whole PantheaCon experience did get me to debrief it there. I made a quick mention of @Larisa @jeffrey @mizket @pkford @carmiac and @oliversmithcallis there, too!