Panthaecon 2017 Meet and Greet


Hello, I am exploring joining AODA and would like to join the meet and greet also. I have done OBOD’s first Bardic year coursework and am reading The Druidry Handbook. I look forward to meeting you folks at P-Con!


Hi Heather, Glad you plan to join us (I think). I assume that you mean you will be attending the 2018 Pantheacon, next month. Right? Just FYI, we have a new thread for organizing the AODA gathering this year, which you might post this to, so we don’t forget to look for you!


Hello Larissa, yes, I meant P-Con 2018. Sorry for being unclear. I guess I’d thought I posted in a P-Con thread, but will check when I get back to my computer.

Happy Imbolc (almost)!