Pantheacon 2018


I just returned from a lovely New Year’s Eve visit with @pkford, at which the topic of Pantheacon 2018 came up. We wondered who else from AODA might be planning to attend this year, and whether we might be able to arrange another AODA meet & greet there, as we did last year. That was SO much fun; let’s do it again!

If anyone else is planning to attend, please chime in here, and let’s see if we can get something organized.


I’d love to go, but it’s just way too far from me here in Alabama. :disappointed:


Not sure I will be able to make it this year . . .


I am booked in for Friday thru Sunday.


Looking over the schedule, now…


I just booked my membership for the Con. Will definitely be there Fri and Sat, possibly Sunday.

Who else is planning to attend this year? And who, if anyone, is interested in an informal AODA meetup, possibly for lunch, and/or dinner on Saturday?

Also, @jeffrey and @pkford, I know you two enjoyed some sessions there last year. Do you have any strongly recommended speakers that you think I should try to hunt down, while there?


Larisa, I will be there Friday thru early Sunday and would love to get together however it can work. As we get closer I will know my schedule for the conference. As for recommendations, the only one I recognize from last year is Kristoffer Hughes who I found to be a joyful Druid. I will be at his opening ritual Friday morning for sure.


I was really happy with all the sessions I attended last year, @Larisa, and only wish I could attend again this year knowing you will be there!

One thing – do not miss anything from Kris Hughes . . . he is an amazing Druid on many levels.


I’ll be there, along with mizket, Friday through Sunday.



AODA Dinner gathering:
Saturday 5pm meetup (or as soon as you can get there after the afternoon session) time, meetup location: the round tables upstairs, just outside the tree rooms (at top of spiral stairway).

We’ll go for dinner downstairs at Sprigs, so that folks with evening sessions planned will be near by, at 7pm.

Please post in this thread to let us know if you are coming, and I’ll see if there is a way to reserve a table for the group.


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it…


Sounds good. I’ll see you there.


Will anyone from Cascadia, or if you know other druids from Cascadia

Oregon-Washington State-British Columbia

To please contact me regarding the notion of putting together a biome-region specific list to discuss common issues of relevance for the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto Canada in November of this year?

It is not my intention to speak for anyone else. That said, I want to understand the issues regarding spirituality, sustainability, and inclusion that are of concern to other druids.


Gordon Cooper
Ethereal Yttrium Stoat, AODA Silly Hat Wearer

Panthaecon 2017 Meet and Greet

Okay, just checking the thread for a final count…

Looks like just the three of us going to PantheaCon this year? (Or will @mizket also be joining us for dinner on Saturday at 5pm?)

I will try to reserve a table for our group for that dinner hour.

Also, I will be arriving in time to attend the Friday afternoon Land-Sea-Sky ritual by the Anglesey Druid group, so if any of you plan to attend that session, look for me there.

See you all in three short days!


See you there…


I’m totally coming! Hooray! See you soon!


Hope you all are enjoying the PantheaCon 2018 AODA Meetup. Wish I could have joined you all. Please share some pics!!


Sorry, @jeffrey; I have no camera at the Con. Maybe one of the others?

BTW, Kris Hughes’ ritual for Land Sea & Sky was Awe(n)some!!!
Also got to hang out with him and some others for great conversation in the OBOD hospitality suite, yesterday. The more I see and the more I hear, the more Druids just rock my world!


Yeah, I’d like to see some photos too! :slight_smile: That’s sooo far from us here on the East coast, but we do have other good events.

Also, if anyone who attended wants to write up a small blurb for the newsletter and send it my way, that would be great ;).


We missed you @jeffrey! Next year?