Short Article to share about colds/flu


Read a book about fasting by Herbert M Shelton (Fasting for Renewal of Health—good book—recommend). Got me to researching a little. Found website for International Association of Hygienic Physicians (IAHP). This led me to the Goldberg Clinic where I found this article. I just wanted to share b/c I’ve noticed so much confusion in the general public about this topic. Please feel free to comment. Also I don’t care if we stay completely on topic, let the thread go where it may.

Just also been thinking about health and the environment and such. Had this minor epiphany regarding the cancer epidemic and putting the cart before the horse: Well duh everyone has cancer b/c just about our entire environment has become cancerous!!! Is this not obvious!?!?! Whew, what a world!!!

Anyways the article:

Sidenote: actually this article might be the least interesting article on the website some of the other articles under the recommended reading tab are really a bit more thought-provoking and really a lot of this is perhaps very obvious but it is good to share


Thanks Fatowl,
I am in bed with some virus and your article was helpful.
Max Rogers


Good time to get some extra reading done! Or just simple rest perhaps…

Hope your feeling back to normal real soon :slight_smile:


Hi Fatowl and any flu-bound Druids out there,
I am feeling much better after only six days down with the flu. I attribute this to regular steamings with a few drops of oil of oregano. Steaming with oregano is a bit harsh at first but the tear-gas effect soon diminishes and the tiny droplets of oil of oregano go straight into the lungs and sinuses and stop the dreaded secondary-bacterial infections for taking hold. That and some steaming bowls of duck pho should be able to cure any flu.

Just in case there are some people who are not familiar with steaming, here is how it is done. You pour boiling water in a wide basin and add 3 or so drops of oil of oregano, or some people like eucalyptus, place a towel over your head and the basin and breath in the steam. This helps with the pain and congestion and was the go to treatment for all colds back in the day in rural Canada and probably everywhere else too.
Best wishes from Max


Glad to hear you are better. We have used the steam method you describe with eucalyptus with good results. Also have used a neti pot a few times with good results.

At the very least, either method wakes ya up a bit!!! :slight_smile:


Neti pots, steaming - just make sure to use distilled water, also keep in mind that the oils should not be applied directly to the mucous membranes or used internally.


Along with neti, nasya is the perfect, and classic, Ayurvedic pairing. These days I use nasya more than neti. You can make your own, but I just buy mine from Banyan Botanicals. It comes with herbs in a quality oil, vaccha being a main ingredient (related to acorus, sweet flag or shi chang pu). Especially in dry climates, the oil based follow-up to neti really helps the nasal cilia have the right amount of moisture. :slight_smile: My great grandfather used to chew sweet flag root.