Announcing: The World Druidry Survey

Calling all Druids!

You are formally invited (and strongly encouraged) to participate in…

“The World Druidry Survey”

Contemporary Druidry is relatively new as a religious/spiritual path, and is still in the process of defining itself as a global movement. Several books have been written about the history of contemporary Druidry, but there is not much research, yet, focused on what it really means to be a Druid in the modern age.

The World Druidry Survey explores the ways in which Druidry, as a globalizing path of nature spirituality, is evolving both in the traditional lands of the ancient Druids, and elsewhere, as it spreads and takes root in other countries and cultures of the world. As we, the practicing Druids of the world, learn and grow and develop our personal paths of Druidry, what do we continue to hold in common? In what ways do our practices and beliefs diversify? What, if anything, forms the spiritual, common core of contemporary World Druidry?

Whether you are just beginning your journey on the Path of Druidry, or whether you have been a practicing Druid for decades, your experiences and perspective are important to this work. I hope you will share a bit of your story!

I am undertaking this study as an independent scholar and educator, with over 25 years’ experience using mixed research methods to shed light on the ways in which people learn, grow, and change, under the influence of changing educational contexts and cultures. I am also a fellow AODA Druid, supported by a grant from the OBOD’s Mt. Haemus Awards program. The research findings from this study are to be published as part of the OBOD’s Mt. Haemus Award program, at Beltane 2021, and presented at Mt. Haemus Day 2024, in addition to other publications and venues yet to be determined.

For more information about the study, and for links to the questionnaire (available in multiple languages, in both web-based and pdf versions), please visit:

Please, spread the word!

Yours, under the California Coast Live Oaks,
Larisa White M.S.Ed., Ph.D.


I am working my way through it. I had to stop and give my brain a break. :slight_smile:


I was thinking, as I was writing it, that it would make a great teaching tool, encouraging people to really think about their personal approaches to Druidry – as well as a data-gathering instrument. I might even work through the questions myself every couple of years, to see how my Druidry evolves over time.


Hello, Larisa. I was wondering if you’d allow me to share this survey with my local Pagan group…of course I’d make sure they understood that this is focused on Druidry.


You are more than welcome to share! The survey is really meant to focus only on people who self-identify as Druids (of any level of experience), however, it is entirely possible that there are Druids (especially unaffiliated, solitary Druids), who might look for companionship in general “Pagan” groups, when Druid groups are few and far between. So, I think that sharing in that context would be a great idea. Thanks for offering!