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Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! On Saturday, July 24th we will be hosting our first Druid’s Nook event over in the #:tada:-public-event-chat channel and its respective voice channel. This will be a meet and greet style event that will go for a few hours during an early afternoon time frame and will be open for anyone to drop in and out as needed. It will be an open forum, so no need or requirement to stay for the whole thing, you can even just drop in real quick to say hi. Webcam use is also an option if you want to video chat. Please keep in mind AODA server rules, core principles, and good conduct during this and all interactions.

More details and updates will be posted here in the future. Thank you!


Druid’s Nook is happening July 24th 2pm - 6pm EST. If you cannot attend, please let us know a rough time frame that would work for a future events!

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How do I locate this site and log in?

We recently set up a Discord server. Here is the invite to the server.