GCC Monastery Healing Meditation Requrests

Starting on July 10, 2022, The Gnostic Celtic Church Monastery will be conducting a monthly Healing Meditation. During these meditations GCC monks will send out healing prayers through meditation to all who request them. This will also include healing prayers for the earth.

Everyone, including non-members, can send petitions for healing prayers to gccmonastery@gmail.com. These petitions should include names of those requiring healing and something, however small or detailed you would like, to let us know what we are sending healing energy to/for. All petitions are strictly confidential, and the names and details will not be shared outside the monastery. These are closed meditations, attended only by GCC Monks. If you are requesting healing for another person, please get their permission first. Petitions for specific environmental and social situations are also welcome. Please send a Private Message to @Kathleen if you would like more information.


Thank you for this wonderful service, Kathleen! :slight_smile:


This is beautiful. Thank you so much for organizing this.


Thank you for providing this service. It is much appreciated.