Heat Wave - end in sight 😎

Well here in northwest Ohio, it appears that we will finally drop below 70F over night and stay below 80F during the day time for a while. :slight_smile:


I don’t know how people survive heat like that over in the humid country. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

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Ha. I wish I could shiver. It’s been in the 90s the past few days, with almost 70% humidity. Thank goodness for frogg toggs!


I had to look up frogg toggs, new to me. Cool.

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From fire to water - the heat wave ended with a flash flood warning this morning. We had heavy rain starting around 4am. It’s done raining now, about 11:30AM, but the current temp is still quite cool, about 67F.

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So, did you get any flooding?
Hope all is well, espero que todo estΓ© biΓ©n.

No flooding at our house - we’re on high ground - but the usual low spots had standing or flowing water on them. I measured 5.0 inches of rain at our house! The official NWS reporting station received 3.3 inches, a new daily record.

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I was down south at a research seminar for most of the heat wave - triple digit numbers during the day every day, with AC blasting at 60 degrees. Quite an experience.

But yes, things are cooled off here. The heat is very hard on the animals.