New Druid Environmental Blog Article

Hello everyone. I started seeing this article passed around social media about the “100 People Killing the Earth” or something like that. I wasn’t all too impressed with the article, so I decided to write my own. Any feedback or thoughts are welcome!


I didn’t see the original article, but I think my reaction would have been the same as yours. Those 100 CEOs weren’t born with a bajillion dollars in their mouths, and they’re not standing next to giant open pit fires, cackling at the gigatons of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

Which is to say, the finger has to be pointed at us, the eight billion suckers who bought into this whole mad scheme in the first place. Those 100 CEOs are rich because we keep buying their stuff.

Also I liked the quote from James Speth.


I especially like that you link to pages with ideas of what individuals can do to make a difference themselves. :slight_smile:


Thanks for writing this, Blaidd. Reminding us of personal responsibility is a critical part of this; that we are all in this together, all contributing and all being able to be part of the solution.