Telluric Waterway Ritual Experiences

Late to the party, but finally sitting down to share my experience:
I and a few others gathered at a local park a few days before Solstice, hiked up to a little clearing, watched the sunrise, then spent time in reflection hiking out and found the stones that spoke to us on our way back to the creek. There we placed our stones together in the center of a circle of the symbols we drew in the dirt by the creek side, and visualized the symbols imbuing into the stones and the sphere encapsulating them. As we placed the stones in the creek we focused on protection for the watershed of that particular creek (Rock Creek) as it is an urban watershed and particularly vulnerable.

This park I’ve lead a Solstice hike at for at least three years now and we’ve gathered in this same place each time, so it is somewhere we’ll be back to in future winters and it’s nice to have added this element of protection to the creek. (Just north of this spot is where we planned to do the summer solstice ritual but I got sick and unable to lead, so folks still gathered there but I did the ceremony on a tree in my property a few miles away.)

And the weather was not too bad this year, so we were able to stay for fellowship, fire, tea, and orange cake after!


I blessed twelve stones and haven’t distributed them all yet. I started in the south of the watershed and have been working my way north towards the bay.

Yesterday my oracle reading said the water spirits want you to visit, so I took the stone for my local storm drain and two for the creak behind the house and went for a walk this morning.

Indeed! The water spirits did need some assistance. Just as I said aloud, “oh no I forgot my trash bag” I looked up and there were vehicles stuck down were there where vehicles should not be. There is a truck stuck over the creek that someone obviously tried to pull out but failed, and across the stream, there is a car half way down the ravine and obviously abandoned. So I made a phone call on the creak’s behalf and asked the city to fix it.

@cschosser Claire’s post about waiting made me feel not so bad about how long it’s taking me to get all the stones distributed, and now I’m feeling like it was good it took this long. The timing seems auspicious from the creeks point of view, as I found these rouge vehicles just cast about where no cars should be.