A beautiful experience that I had in nature

Hello everyone! My name is James Gray :slight_smile: I wanted to share a very special place with everyone that is extremely magical to me, and a recent experience that I had here. I visit this place at the start of every week to read the OBOD Gwers, AODA and GCC books and material, poetry, and to meditate. There are rivers, wood bridges, and a waterfall at the end. There is a tree that is growing over the path at the start of the trail. I see this tree as a gateway that I walk under to enter the realm of nature, beauty, the divine. My trip here recently was to read an OBOD Gwers, and meditate because my week was very stressful. Something very special happened this trip. There was a woman playing with her baby in the river. She had his feet in the flowing water. The baby was laughing, slapping the water, and started chasing butterflies. Then a bird landed on the log I was sitting on while watching the baby and his mother. It was an extremely special moment and I started crying. It is these moments in nature where I feel the most connected to the divine, to the meaning of life and magic. I meditated at the river after this to just sit with this experience and enjoy it. Afterwards I journaled how I felt about the whole experience, in order to not forget key things in the future. I took some pictures for everyone to share this place with you. I hope you like them.

With love and light.



The pictures are so beautiful. What a special moment to be gifted with! I had an experience with a flycatcher and it affected me so much that I incorporated the bird into my SOP.


Hello James and welcome to the AODA and the forum. Those are very beautiful pictures and it is easy to see why it’s such a magical place for you. It sounds like a truly delightful experience. It’s moments like those that give us the best perspective to view the world and gives us every reason you could imagine to want to protect it.

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Thank you for sharing about your process, what has happened at this place, and the pictures. Your post is a gift.

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Thank you for sharing your moment with us.

My first gift to nature on March 21th for #springequinox
Two halved apple rejoined together symbol of balance between two sides of polarities like day night ,man woman


Thank you Niloofar for sharing your gift to nature. I love the idea of the two sides of things. I just finished reading some of your articles. I thoroughly enjoyed reading My Networked Consciousness, and A Place For My Dreams, Mind As A Chalice Of Possibilities. I relate to you saying that doing projects to the sound of rain helps the creative process. I too will go outside and do art projects, or write when it rains. Just the smell of rain brings out ideas in my imagination that didn’t have previously.


Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, and for recommending that I listen to the rain for inspiration. I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

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Welcome and thanks for sharing. Life is about what we experience and connectivity. It sounds like you are experiencing that connection to the world in a meaningful way for you. Thank you again for sharing :grinning::evergreen_tree::herb:


Thank you for sharing. I had a bit of a (perhaps) similar experience. I was at a special park. Moms had young kids assembled by a creek. I watched the kids for a moment. Their imagination and spirit caught my attention. It was a bit comical honestly, but pretty amazing too. To see “their” interaction with nature. Also, I did witness lizard-in-a-log, rock-in-the-road, and birds overhead before turtle showed its head on the surface of the creek and dogs barked. At that park, I’ve watched turkeys fly up to roost in the trees, found a baby hummingbird nest, and witnessed many other killer moments. But, this last time, when the kids were playing, a thought occurred to me. I was no longer “there” to witness or record (as I journal too) the nature that I saw, I was actually participating. I was apart of the nature. The birds I watched were watching me. Nature was experiencing my presence as much as I was experiencing being present in nature. And yet nothing there was about me. The kids played. The frogs croaked. The wind blew. But the separation point melted away. I tried to bring that feeling home. But, I was really really hungry. Cheers.


So lovely. Thank you for sharing!! That does look like a very magical place and I am so happy you have a special place to visit, study and commune with the divine. So beautiful!