AODA Discord Bardic Circle!

The AODA’s Discord server is holding a Bardic Circle event, open to AODA members, and friends! We want to see and hear the wonderful Bardic creations everyone engages in. On January 29th, join us on the Discord server to share your work. We want to hear your stories, poems, and songs. Do you craft, or create visual art? We want to see them too!

Entries will be judged by three AODA Members who will not be participating. Prizes will be in the form of “Vanity Role” icons, and bragging rights (all in good fun of course!). Although we have judges, this is not truly a competition. It’s about sharing a body of work that resonates with us, so that others can experience this piece of ourselves. We want everyone to enjoy this event, and know that it’s not about winning; it’s about sharing, and connecting to our wonderful, growing community no matter how near or far we are to each other.

This event is open to all Bardic arts. Songs (both sung, and instrumental), written works, storytelling, visual arts, “crafted” arts (smithing, woodcarving, etc.). See below for more details about the Bardic Circle.

Event Details

When: January 29th @ 5pm EST

Where: AODA’s Discord server. Find our event in the #Bardic-Circle channel (text, and voice/video channels)

What: Notify the Discord Admin Team with your name(s), and general details of your planned presentation. Please note that participants need to register no later than 24 hrs prior to the event.

• Send a message in the #Bardic-Circle channel with @Admin, and the information of your presentation. If you suffer from anxiety, feel free to send a private message to Lilwolf.

• Video, recordings, live performance/viewing/presentation, and pictures of visual/crafted arts are all acceptable. All works presented must be something of your own creation.

• Collaborative projects, and performances are allowed, so long as all parties agree. Please list all members of the group when registering.

If you are new to Discord, and need assistance to learn, and set up Discord, please let us know before the day of the event, so that we can ensure you get to participate, or attend as an audience member!


Hello! I’d like to remind everyone that our Bardic Circle is approaching :smiley:

If you would like to participate please notify the Admin Team by dropping your information into the #Bardic-Circle channel of our Discord.

Audience members are welcome, and we’re excited to see the wonderful works people will be showing us!