AODA Donations

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that we have updated our AODA Donations list on the front page of As of 2022, AODA is now making donations to:

–The United Plant Savers:
–The Xerces Society:
–The Rewilding Institute:
–The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Cornell Lab of Ornithology—Home | Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

What you can see from this updated list is that we are focusing on a few different groups: at-risk plants, invertebrates/insects, birds, and then the broader land around us. We think this gives us some good coverage to make a difference as an organization.

The United Plant Savers has a physical site located in Ohio that you might want to go visit (maybe we can arrange an AODA meetup there sometime). The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a number of citizen science projects you can join.

You might want to check out these great organizations :).


I ADORE the Cornell Ornithology Lab!


That is a new one for us this year along with the Rewilding Institute :). I’m glad you like them!

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Me too! I have taken a few of their courses - highly recommend!

I have been using the Cornell bird ID app, Merlin. Fascinating and fun to use!

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