Attending Wic-Can Fest in June

I’m going to be attending an event in Southern Ontario (Canada) called Wic-Can Fest June 15th-19th. It’s a five day camping event. I’ll be there setting up an information booth at the event, and a few other members will be attending as well. I figured I would drop the link in case anyone else would like to join us. I’m really excited to meet folks in person!


Have a great time at this and please let us know how it goes! I won’t be able to travel to Canada in person but wish I could have met folks (including you) there, too. Also, what is the Wic-Can festival and why is it named that way?

I believe originally the event was started by Wiccans, but is open to all spiritualities and traditions. They do a range of things depending on the crowd they get. There’s often some workshops, and lectures regarding various traditions, and practices. They have concerts over Friday, and Saturday. Every night there is a bonfire, drumming, and dancing. I’ve attended for several years. Next year I may opt to do a workshop, or teaching, but this year I’m happy with the information booth, and meeting up with members lol.

I’m not sure what the story is for the name - I want to say it’s probably a play on words for Canadian Wiccans but I have no idea if that’s accurate lol. @Alden might be able to answer that question.


I haven’t been on the forums much! Yes you are correct it’s a play on Wiccan/Canada

The name really doesn’t reflect the festival very well in my opinion. The Wiccans only make up about 20-30% I think. There is a diverse pagan crowd with different spiritual paths. Including Druids from both AODA and OBOD.