Bardic Astrology: Song of the Stars - Workshop on Dec 14th at 8:30pm EST

December 14 -8:30pm EST- Bardic Astrology: The Song of the Stars

With Robert Pacitti, Grand Pendragon

Join us on a journey of self as we explore the great mysteries of the stars. In this 101 Astrology workshop, we will look to our Sun, Moon, and Ascendant zodiac signs to create poetry that resonates with our soul. Allow the universe to sing through you! This workshop requires no practical experience with Astrology. We do kindly ask that you know the Natal zodiacal placement (signs) of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising Sign). This information will be used in the workshop.

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Hoping to attend this but it’s been a crazy week lol.


I look forward to being there as the Universe allows! It’s written on my calendar anyway :slight_smile:

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Just bumping this as a reminder that this event is tonight!

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I learned so much from this talk, and am thankful to the presenters! I’ve never been one to fully understand Astrological dialogue (though have had many a wise friend try to explain), but think I got it from the archetype perspective this time. Same as Tarot, an archetypal representation of a particular concept that may or may not always match the personality or path of the observer / subject.

I also appreciated the slides demonstrating how various elements of the time of year and cycles of seasons might factor in to a particular person’s journey. I was born in summer with a serious case of jaundice. My earliest experiences of this Earth was laying unclothed in the warm Summer Sun. My son was born in the late Fall and therefore was often bundled inside warm and cozy by the fire. It’s interesting that many see the time of year one is born as irrelevant to their personality, but often affects our earliest experiences of our world and the very formation of our earliest personalities.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully understand all aspects of Astrology, but I’m thankful that the talk expanded my consciousness and widened its field just a tad. :wink:


Thank you so much for this great workshop. I would be interested in a group to learn more about Astrology and its links to Druidry. I am currently reading The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, by Sue Tompkins, which is a very approachable read, but there is a lot to understand. It’s a bit overwhelming.

Here is my poem from last night. I needed a little extra time for Awen to kick in!:
I am a Scorpio rising, Taurus moon, and Aries sun:

A stewy, swampy spy
On solid, safe soil
Must now seek, soar, and sail.

Thanks again for the great workshop and all the work you put into it!


Eejie, astrology is a lot to understand! There’s no way around it.

I also appreciated this workshop–more than I thought I would! I did end up writing some lines that really did reveal some inner conflicts in my chart. So it was useful, and gives a clue of further uses of the creative approach to interpretation.
Thanks to Rob!


I’ve done professional training in astrology and have studied and practised for about 20 years, so I almost didn’t go to the workshop, as it was labeled as an introduction to astrology. But the title intrigued me, and I’m so glad I attended! I learned a few things and really enjoyed the creativity and clarity of the presentation and the idea of the astrological poetics exercise–and hearing everyone’s poetry!


A book I really like to learn astrology is called High School Astrology by Granny Rainbow. It is extremely accessible and is also in the style of other books from the 1970’s, which is whimsical and fun :). It is a great place to start and is very digestible.


Thanks for the recommendation, Dana! Happy Alban Arthan!

Is there a recording of this workshop available?

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