Feature Article on Druidry in "The Independent" (UK) - coming soon

I have just this week completed an interview with a reporter from the UK news media outlet, “The Independent”, for a feature article he is writing on modern Druidry. Not sure yet when the article is expected to be published, but I will keep you all posted. The reporter’s deadline is April 8th, so possibly it will come out sometime soon after that.


That would be awesome to read. Thank you for letting us know and I look forward to reading the interview. :smiley:


Awesome. I look forward to seeing it.

Looking forward to it too!

Sweet! Can’t wait to read!

Definitely looking forward to the link!

Well… it is published here:

But behind a paywall. Sigh.


Update: Just discovered that you can register for a free account to read the article.


I always try opening paywall articles in a private browsing window on my Firefox browser, and sometimes that works to allow one to read the article for free, but in this case it did not! I will try to sign up for a free account if I can find out how…

Ha ha! I just realized I had made an account with them in the past and didn’t even remember. I am able to access the full article without paying, so others should be able to do the same thing. It is great! Thank you for letting us know about the article. I wouldn’t have found it otherwise :smiley:

I struggle to get my head around the fact that druids implicitly (or even explicitly) acknowledge that their faith is, well, a recent invention. Since there is no uninterrupted link to pagan religions in western Europe, and given the lack of information about druids in the ancient world, it’s difficult to see why people have chosen to identify with a set of ideas that have quite clearly been created by humans in recent history.

I suppose that’s a disappointment we all grapple with accepting once we find out we cannot, after all, be like the ancient Druids.

As a side note, it seems the author also doesn’t fully distinguish religion, faith, and spirituality and kind of just smashes them into one concept. That could be a source of some of their confusion.


I think of it this way: the Druid Revival is older than Mormonism, and if Mormons don’t have any trouble with their faith being young, why should I?


You know, I never thought of it that way. That is a cool perspective!

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