Forum Software Update 1/6/2023

We will be updating the forum software to discourse v3.0.0 on this coming Friday. It will include some significant changes to visual layout of the site, including a sidebar, chat and notifications. There is likely to be about 10 minutes of downtime for this update.

There will be no changes to groups, categories, permissions, etc.

You can read all of the change details at 3.0.0.beta15: Closing into Discourse 3.0 (with Sidebar, Chat, New Menus and more) - announcements - Discourse Meta


Thank you for keeping things afloat and working well!


Update is complete! You should now see the sidebar on the left and a chat button in the upper right. If you don’t, try reloading the site. Also, if you don’t like the sidebar you can make it go away by clicking the “hamburger” menu icon in the upper left.