Free Online Webinars on Soil Regeneration

Hey all,
I thought this might be right up some AODA members’ alleys - It’s a series of three free webinars on soil regeneration that I came across yesterday. The first one’s today, but you have 48 hours to watch it back. Hope someone finds this interesting! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing that. I am always trying to work with people on how to regenerate soil and I’m just me. If I can get them to watch something like this, maybe they’ll take it more seriously. I live in a Big Ag community here and I have been trying to get them to use different methods of soil regeneration and it isn’t easy to convince them. To put this into perspective … I live in a city that has a population near 70K. There is a city council of 12 people and of those 12 people, 8 are farmers with ones like Syngenta, DuPont, Pioneer, and such. I really don’t like this area, but it is where people like us are needed most. All the information that can be gained on soil regeneration is welcome in my book. I am so hoping to get the local farmers on board. If I can change things here through the Farmers Union, then anything is possible.


You’re very welcome!
Your efforts are inspiring and commendable, I hope you can convince a few of them!

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Thank you! So far, I have only been able to convince a small-time farmer to use cover crops. It’s so very hard to get them to see things differently. A couple of them say they get it, but they’re struggling as it is, and changing things around would add expenses they just cannot afford. They were nearly ready to sell out at one point, so they say we’re lucky they’re even in business right now. I have seen crop dusters out and I haven’t seen them out in a long time. I cannot help but wonder what they’re doing. I haven’t seen anything being dropped, but dozens per day every day for weeks now. I hope they’re just out joyriding, because I thought the days of crop dusting were done. The ecology class I took touched on these subjects and even my intro to algae class did. It’s so hard to get struggling people to do the right thing. I sure hope it changes soon.