Full moon music

Something a little different for today’s full moon :full_moon:

I work with a team who are partners on a neutrino telescope project that operates almost 3km deep in the Pacific Ocean. Along with the science is an art installation that quietly plays new musical compositions in the abyss every full moon.

You can listen to today’s composition here (click on the “i” to the right for more information on the piece and the authors).



This is awesome, thank you for sharing! It sounds perfect for the situation too. I’m a water baby and I love astronomy. No better post to waken to today lol


This is absolutely fantastic!
I tried going to the link but I cant seem to get anything to interact - is the site down?

Hi Alete! One of the features of Radio Amnion is that it only transmits on the full moon and with a brand new composition each time. While I do appreciate the ephemeral nature of these transmissions, I do wish I could revisit earlier recordings and listen to them again. The next transmission will be on January 6.


I see … I just couldn’t find the ‘I’ to click on for info - will definitely check out on next full Moon

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