Idea for Order Wide Rituals and Groups

Hi everyone,

Concerning the order-wide rituals and small groups–here’s my recommendation. If you are solitary and want to know if there are others around, post in this forum: Pick a day, time, and location, and see if anyone around might be able to join you. If there are already a few people around your area, talk with them, and again, pick a day, time, and location that works for people in the area/region.

Advertise it here and in Discord, and if you want, on the AODA Facebook page. See what happens and who might be willing to come, drive, etc.

I think if we can get some groups willing to do the Summer Solstice Ritual in different locations, that could be a great way to “kick-off” this new initiative.

Of course, you are also welcome to do the rituals individually and share that too. But I am hoping we can get a few more groups involved and doing them :).

Next thing you know, you might have