Is this still an active organization?


I am writing in because I am interested in joining a Druidic organization and going through the training. I am located in the US so naturally this one drew my attention, however it seems as though the activity in these public forums at least seems to be pretty old.

I was also looking at the Order of the Bards, so I am not really sure which way to go here. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated even though I am sure it will be difficult to be unbiased on your own forums.

Thank You


@Cyio The AODA is a healthy organization with ongoing activities and a diverse membership. Feel free and welcome to participate in our forum and talk to members about their experiences working with the Order’s Curriculum :smile::pray:

There are many members who are also a part of OBOD, so there’s precedence and a sense of the similarities and differences in both approaches to Druidry in many discussions here.

We of the forum staff can also help you with any other questions, let us know!


This may bring up a fair point. If somebody comes to the forum to take a look around, as a guest, all they will see is the “public” forum… which nobody posts in… and will appear that there are no posts aside from…3 or 4 threads spanning a 2 year period…

I can see how that might appear as a dead forum from the outside… as the forum member sections are not only locked… but invisible to guests…

Seems a fine setting for the AODA member sections… but perhaps not for the forum member sections?

Just food for thought.


Actually, there’s a clear explanation for this policy here, of why we require a little time and effort before opening the forum to newcomers. We start from the premise everyone reads the forum guidelines :slight_smile:


good point. :slight_smile: Guess it’s been a while since I’ve read that!


Yes, very much so! Like mentioned earlier… the Members only sections have the most activity.


Thank you all for the responses and it is great news that the forum and membership is active.


The organization is still active but the deeper one goes into Druidry, the less time one tends to spend on the computer. I am only looking at the forum today because I have a bad cold and cannot work in the garden or work on rasping down my bow.

The AODA has a strong magical bent and I find it very life enhancing. My family agrees I have been much changed for the better. I find I am less and less interested in the news, politics and vacations and more delighted by the birds and flowers on my little farm. I think I am experiencing life much more through my senses.

I am very interested in joining OBOD too as their focus is on the Bardic arts and not on magic. A lot of AODA are also members of OBOD. Their training package is more defined and you work through correspondence lessons where in the AODA you pick your own subjects of study.
Does this help?
Yours under the red cedars,
Max Rogers


Dear Cyio:

Yes, we are quite real. You might head over to the public forum for the start of a series I just uploaded a few minutes ago.

Gordon Cooper
Grand Archdruid AODA


I think you have a good point. Perhaps we should make some sort of regular news posts here . Maybe a link to the newsletters or something?


Good point. I recall when I first explored AODA years ago before we had this place, I asked that same question. I liked what I read on the web page about what AODA Druidry is though did not see anybody doing or talking about it. Before I wanted to take it seriously as a dispersed community, I wanted to know if there actually was a dispersed community.

It makes me realize that there is often more going on around us than any of us can readily find without knowing where or how to look, or if nothing else, having the ways opened for us to see.


Thank you all again for answering my question. I feel comfortable now taking the leap and learning more.


@Cyio I see a lot more and have much better communication now than when I was lurking and not even registered on the forums. This is a great place with all sorts of dialogue happening. Great group with great insight! Looking forward to seeing your contribution as well.


I like this idea. We can certainly do that and maybe post some other regular news?


There is also a fair amount of activity on the AODA Facebook page, which doesn’t get much input from the forums, either.