John Gilbert, RIP

On his blog Toward Ecosophy, JMG has reported the death of John Gilbert, who was instrumental in helping JMG revive the order and who I believe originated the SOP. You can read JMG’s post here:

Rest in peace, with all our thanks, Mr. Gilbert.


Included him and his family in my morning prayer. Thank you for passing on your wealth of knowledge, Mr. Gilbert.


Rest in peace, Mr. John Gilbert. My condolences to all who knew and loved him, and to those whose lives he touched.


I also included him in my morning prayer. Without him and his willingness to pass on his knowledge to JMG, I wouldn’t have a spiritual home.


Very grateful for all he did. I didn’t know him, but will miss him nonetheless. He will be a worthy addition to my ancestor practice.


Many thanks to John Gilbert.

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John Gilbert was instrumental in the continuance of AODA, and this is a major loss for our order. I was able to speak with him a few years before he passed and it was a very fascinating conversation. He had so much wisdom to share. Much of our current tradition is thanks to John Gilbert preserving it and passing it on.


Would like to read about this conversation.

Personally, I have been thinking alot about how the practices and the unique perspectives of Occultists can be so easily lost and forgotten…A record of conversations with such individuals who have lived lives of intent and contemplation is important.

Maybe a write up of your conversation with Mr. Gilbert, in the future, may be possible.


Yes. I am finishing with my work on Juliet Ashley and plan on doing a piece on John Gilbert over the summer :).

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