Land Healing for the Delaware River

Our next land healing recipient will be the Delaware River. We’ll aim to do our independent land healing rituals around February’s full moon on the 24th, and then our Zoom call to discuss it will be on Thursday, February 29th at 7:30pm central time.

Please use this thread for divinations, personal reflections, and links to information we can use to shape our thinking around the pollution of the Delaware River and its tributaries.


I can reach out to the Delaware River Greenway Partnership and find out when their next cleanup is. If anyone is local to that area, they always need volunteers. Delaware River Greenway Partnership

This article is a couple of years old, but it is a great start for anyone looking into information about this area and what the problems are. It also discusses a lot of what they have done to remediate the issues. On The Delaware

This not only discusses the issues but has tons of links to other resources. It is invaluable. Delaware River Watershed Initiative

I tried to contact the first one and I cannot get the captcha to work right, so it won’t let the message through. I don’t know if it’s this PC, their site, or some kind of ISP issue. At any rate, it might take a bit before I can contact them about future cleanups.


I see that there is also an Introduction to Druidry listed as a Zoom event for Feb. 29 at 5:30 PM Eastern. It was in the newsletter and it’s up on Discord. Are we double booked?


This meeting is three hours later than that one (7:30 central is 8:30 eastern) so I think we should be okay.


I always get confused on time zones. And I typed it wrong the first time. The Intro to Druidry call is 8:30 Eastern, and I had written it on my calendar to join at 5:30 because I am in Pacific time. I went to write the land healing call for 2/29 at 5:30 (since Central is 2 hours ahead of me), and oops! There was already an AODA event on my calendar for 5:30 on 2/29. Hopefully that is both more clear and more accurate this time!


That’s a good catch then. Let’s do our land healing meeting the following week. That would be Thursday, March 7th at 7:30 central.