Land Healing Working Group

After the first year of AODA order-wide rituals, I realized I wanted a lot more of that energy in my life. So I proposed organizing a Land Healing Working Group so that anyone who is interested in this topic can work together more often.

At the same time, there are so many specific locations that have suffered from human damage and are in need of healing, I wanted to take direct steps to address these problems. The biggest difference between these monthly rituals and the larger order-wide ones are that these ones are specifically targeted at one location which has particular need.

I am creating a thread for nominations for particular places to which people would like to direct healing, and intend to work through them in order. Some of them are likely to be the sites of major disasters, recent or further in the past. Others can be less well-known, local areas that a specific member may be aware of and nominate. Every bit matters and every piece of healing we do contributes towards the larger whole.

When we select a location we will discuss (in this forum, in the Discord channel, and in our Zoom calls) the specific needs that location has and we will work together to formulate a single statement of magical intention for that place, so that we can all pull together. I will make a thread for divinations and other insights for each working that we do.

The format of the rituals will be similar to the order-wide ones: Open a Grove, perform a Sphere of Protection with relevant blessings and banishings, then do the work you are individually called to do within the Grove (for example, one person may simply meditate on the intention statement while another may raise energy by drumming, a third may send energy healing, and a fourth may create a painting of the land in its healed state), then close the Grove and do something in ordinary life to contribute to land healing.

We will have a cohesive purpose for each working with infinite individual variety in the details of how the purpose is accomplished, in accordance with each person’s Awen. I will make sure ritual scripts are available.

Our purpose for this group is first and foremost to heal places that humans have damaged; however, an important secondary goal is to become better land healers through trying things and refining our techniques together.

I am committing to organizing 8 of these rituals per year, but I also strongly encourage others to use this space to take the concept further, if you feel so moved.


The first location that comes to my mind is East Palestine, Ohio, which was badly damaged by chemicals from a derailed freight train earlier this year.


East Palestine and Ohio are good ones, but also Italy. The floods have destroyed farmland, livestock, and tens of thousands of homes. They said at least 36,000 people have been displaced because of these floods. The damage is estimated at almost $700,000,000 to repair. The orchards, they say, will not be productive for years after this. They lost 880,000,000 pounds of wheat alone to this extreme weather. Over 5,000 farms were destroyed, livestock drowned, and roads demolished. The Canadian (Alberta) wildfires also had us smelling it in Central IL. There was even an article talking about the scores of wildfires that have broken out worldwide this year.

These are from the 2023 Emilia-Romagna floods …



I was also going to also say East Palestine and the surrounding areas. The medium and long-term effects of this are still really going on in the region.


I know this group is for healing of damaged lands, I was wondering if there is also interest in protecting threatened land. I am an organizer for No Orange Heights in Southern California. Our area has so few of these precious open spaces left. I have been performing the sphere of protection weekly on the land but I would love to have support from other AODA folks. Any thoughts appreciated!

More info: Petition · NO Orange Heights | Protect Foothills from 1180 Homes in Wildlife Area ·