Monthly Land Healing Rituals Schedule for 2023

I am organizing a targeted land healing ritual for each month that doesn’t already have an Order-wide ritual, beginning after the Summer Solstice. I have in mind a lunar schedule, with the ritual placed in the week leading up to the full moon and a debriefing Zoom call afterwards. I also want to experiment with synchronous online rituals.

July’s full moon falls very quickly after Solstice, so let’s start with the full moon of August 1.

Ritual: Last week of July
Zoom call: August 3rd 7:30pm Central

Online Ritual: Last week of August, precise scheduling to be worked out with participants.

September is the Fall Equinox Order-wide ritual.

Ritual: Last week of October
Zoom call: November 2nd 7:30pm Central

Ritual: November 20-27th
Zoom call: November 30 7:30pm Central

December is the Winter Solstice Order-wide ritual.


I love this idea! I’ll see if anyone in my home circle is interested in this, as well, since we meet on a lunar schedule already!

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Sounds good. How do I sign up and get started?


I’m going to add one more call at the beginning so we can talk over our plans for the initial ritual. Let’s set that for July 13th at 7:30 central time.


There’s no sign up, just come to the meetings and do the rituals. It is open to everyone.


Umm… I’m kinda new here… so… ah…
Where do you post the meeting announcements and the ritual texts?
Cluelessly yours,

This effort is such a lovely idea. Thank you so much for organizing. I already have something else scheduled for 7/13. If someone is willing to take some short notes at the call and post them after, that’d be swell!


I’ll definitely try to make sure the important points get posted to both the forum and Discord.


I’ll be posting everything here and in Discord.


Great! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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I am adding a meeting to the schedule for October 5 at 7:30 Central so that we have some time to discuss our experiences of the Equinox land healing and to plan and prepare for the next few rounds.