New Page: Dr. Juliet Ashley

Here’s some early research that Grant and I have compiled on Dr. Juliet Ashley. There will be much, much more that Grant will be sharing, but this is a small start!


This was a wonderful read that gave depth to the SOP and AODA for me. I have always been fascinated by the history of things. I am really looking forward to more.


Amazing. Thank you for doing the work on this Dana and interviewing those who knew Dr. Ashley. What an interesting woman and legacy.

"…instruction that may become – as it were – a light set on a hill for many who grope in darkness and in doubt, who are fearful. For that quieting through the gaining of patience in self may enable the entity to give that light and that instruction necessary for the guiding of many.” (Dr. Juliet Ashley – Ancient Order of Druids in America)


Wonderful article. Inspiring to read of her accomplishments and especially her contributions to the AODA.


This was a very helpful article. From a different moment of time, forming the framework of AODA’s history. I think this is very important for me to read. Admittedly I am still trying to figure out what AODA is and is not. This article provides a significant clue, and speaks to the larger lineage. Thank you!


Thank you so much for the article. I love the opportunity to learn about the history of the AODA. I look forward to more articles.

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Very nice article. I didn’t realize that the Masons had such influence over AODA in the past.

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