New Support Thread in GCC

I just wanted to announce the creation of the Shelter From the Storm thread in the Gnostic Celtic Church category. This thread is for members who want to reach out for emotional support regarding life issues. I have offered to accept any and all issues members may be struggling with. Be aware, however, that the thread is for seeking support, not complaining or arguing about political issues. The impact and personal emotional effects of political issues are totally acceptable.

I ask that moderators please remember this thread when a post comes up in another area of the forum that may be better suited for this GCC thread to, instead of flagging or deleting the post, move it to this GCC thread, or flag it and let the poster know about the GCC thread so they can decide to move it or delete it.

It is my sincere hope that this GCC thread offers some much needed support and encouragement during these troubling times and beyond.