Northern California: Immersive Naturalist Course Available

For those of you in Northern California looking to get your California Naturalist certification next year, I recently learned about an immersive one week course that is available in the Spring! It’s a great opportunity for those of you who can’t make the time commitment required for the ten week course, or find a more intense schedule beneficial. It works out to be more expensive than most CalNat programs though because you will need to purchase accommodations at the resort. I asked around and was able to gather the cost information listed below, along with some basic info. More details can be found on Tuleyome’s website here: Certified California Naturalist Courses at Tuleyome

Location: Wilbur Hot Springs Resort, about halfway between Williams and Clearlake, CA.
Dates: April 2 - 7, 2023
Course - $550 +tax (about $30)
Textbooks - Required book is about $30, optional book is about $50
Accommodations - From $375 to $1,606 for a 5 night stay (lower end is camping, higher end is cabin suite)
Food: Bring your own. They have a community kitchen to store and prepare your food. The cabin suite also has a small kitchen.

Here’s the Wilbur Hot Springs website:

I will be attending, so if anyone wants to carpool from the Sacramento area, let me know!


That sounds like it would be really cool. Unfortunately, my area doesn’t have a naturalist program, though we do have a master gardener program.