PHOTO MONTAGE: Grand Grove Consecrations and Installation Ceremony

After nearly two years of delay, the AODA’s Grand Grove met to perform the necessary consecrations and initiations for our Archdruids. Claire Schosser (Archdruid of Water) and Timothy Whitmore-Wolf (Archdruid of Air) were consecrated as Archdruids while Kathleen Opon (Archdruid of Fire and GCC Preceptor) and Jack Campbell (Grand Almoner) were consecrated as Bishops in the Gnostic Celtic Church. It was a wonderful weekend of community and celebration—and long-awaited initiation of those members who offer our order so much service!

To see more photos, please visit this page on our site: Grand Grove 2021 Event – Ancient Order of Druids in America


This really is incredible to see! It looks like it was a beautiful and magical time together. It is very encouraging to me on my path to see the the Archdruids together performing the ceremonies of the order. It makes it feel much more “real” and has encouraged me to commit myself with more energy to my practices!


looks awesome! I appreciate the good photography, it makes so much difference!


It was a truly magical and deeply inspirational experience! I’m glad that we can share it with all of you via the photos.


It was a great experience. I will treasure it always.


Yes! We decided to hire a professional photographer and I think it was totally worth it. -We are also working with her on some video. In fact, I’ll be doing recordings of the SOP and how to do the SOP with her in the upcoming month. So stay tuned for more!


Looking forward to the video!