Pollution Knows No Bounds

Forgive me for probably putting this in the wrong place but i figured it was good place for healing.

I just read an article about a descent to the bottom of the Marriana Trench. Once there, they discovered a beer bottle. 6.7 miles deep and no where near land… What a sad day it is.

To make it worse, yesterday i read an article about finding a dead whale that had the weight of adult human in microplastics in its stomach. The whole world really needs as much help and healing as it can get.


It is so miserable. I have seen, heard, and read about these incidents. It broke my heart. Having places like this to go to and having others who feel the same gives one support that can help. In truth, though, it’s rough. Whether it’s climate or environmental grief, it’s real. The more you see, hear, and feel, the more you realize this isn’t some bottomless pit of despair. It’s neverending. We need to use these feelings to motivate us. These feelings help us make changes in our lives and possibly everyone else’s.

No matter how we feel, we must never give up hope. Raise your expectations of what could happen if we all work together to change things. Maintain that inner strength to complete these missions. Do what you know matters to correct the issues you can control. These are all coping strategies to get through grief. Just never give up hope!


Well said! Thank you!

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I find it helps to witness all this in community, the awareness is easier to hold when we know others are also witnessing what we see. So thank you for sharing. We are not alone in seeing what we see nor in grieving the harm our species continues to perpetuate. :heart: