Reminder: Death and Druidry Workshop This Wednesday

I just wanted to remind anyone who is interested that I will be leading a workshop on death in druidry this Wednesday.

I will be going over various perspectives on death in the larger, diverse druid community. We will also be spending a fair amount of time on the circles of Abred, Gwynfydd, and Ceugant in the Druid Revival and AODA-related philosophies. We’ll also talk about what we can learn by having a good relationship with death, both about dealing with grief and preparing for our own deaths.

You can join the call using the information at the link below:


Looking forward to it Jack!

Very much looking forward to it!

Marked it on my calendar!

Ditto! I’m super excited!

plan on being there!

Thank you for the reminder! I can finally make one and it’s one that I’m very excited for, to boot.

Have a notification set for this in my Scroogle Calendar. Very excited.

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