Reminder: Online group ritual Tuesday August 29 7:30 central

For anyone who would like to be involved with the experimental online group ritual for land healing, the call will be at 7:30 central time on Tuesday, August 29th.

Here is the Zoom information:
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Meeting ID: 957 053 6859

Let’s focus on healing the Gulf dead zone caused by agricultural runoff, as that is the area which received the most interest. If anyone has links to share regarding that, post them in this thread.

I have a very loose outline in mind, depending on how many people are available.

For the Grove opening and closing we’ll have the easternmost member who is willing perform the parts of the ritual relating to Air and East. The southernmost member will do the parts relating to Fire and South, and so forth. In this way we’ll have a grove that could encompass much of North America (or beyond), depending on how many people show up. Nobody will be required to perform part of the ritual - we’ll just go to the next person in that direction if needed.

For the SoP we’ll take volunteers to perform sections regardless of geographic position.

After that I’ll open the floor for anything people want to share - readings, their own reflections on the topic, art or music, etc.

Then we’ll turn off cameras and microphones for ten minutes for private work or meditation.

After ten minutes we’ll turn cameras and microphones back on, people will have a chance to share if they want to, then we’ll close the Grove.


I can be on the Zoom–from Oaxaca. So definitely south.

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I screwed up the time change.:pensive: Will watch to see the report. The time is straight with me now. If you are still working tomorrow, I will be there.

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Thanks so much to the people who participated tonight! It was a great way for this newbie to learn and experience more ritual while also feeling like I was making some attempt to make things better for the Earth and her inhabitants. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. Thanks also to @Breanna for organizing this whole effort.