Resources and Divinations for Butte Copper Mines

In our meeting last night we decided to focus on sending healing to the open pit copper mines around Butte, Montana. I suggested it because it is not far from where I grew up and when I last visited in 2017, you still couldn’t drink the water there.

Here are some links regarding the copper mining at Butte, especially the enormous Berkeley Pit. - this has some striking images and some interesting points about new species of bacteria evolving in this environment.

Berkeley Pit - Wikipedia - Specific timelines and details on the Berkeley Pit. Apparently the water treatment plant was only constructed in 2019. - This is an educational site run by a local volunteer committee. - This is paywalled but it has a long and detailed description of the history and environmental situation.


Looking at the pictures, it is almost as if the land is literally screaming. I know that hole is supposed to be some tourist attraction and that many people are fascinated by it, but I see and hear things differently. I have a brother who worked in Butte for a year and a half. He loved it there. I didn’t stay in Butte, but I loved Montana when I stayed for 6 months. Count me in for sure! I have a sentimental attachment to Montana.

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wow I found the info in the links very interesting having never heard of this place - I can see why you feel it needs healing - thanks for sharing