Ritual Resources

This thread is for collecting a library of resources that we might like to incorporate into our land healing rituals. Please add anything that inspires you or helps you as a land healer - instructional materials, poetry, prayers, music, art, scientific methods of remediation, example rituals from others - the sky is the limit.

I am going to highlight here the work of our own Grand Archdruid, Dana O’Driscoll, who has created some amazing materials on land healing.

Land Blessing Ceremony Using the AODA Seven Element Framework
Taking Up Land Healing As A Spiritual Practice
A Framework for Land Healing
Land Healing: Distance Work and Levels of Connection
Druidry for the 21st Century: Setting and Co-creating Intentions with Nature

I’d also recommend exploring her whole blog of course, with special attention to the Land Healing category.


I am so grateful for the posts about land healing. I have been trying to, and like healing people, it’s a lot to do. It’s fantastic some people want to make this a concerted effort among all of us druids on a more regular basis!


I agree! There’s power in numbers and it takes a community to do this work :).