Ritual Workshop - Write Up

Hello everyone,

As promised, here is the write up for the ritual creation framework I offered during our last community call a few weeks ago.

I hope this guide is helpful to some of you if you are looking to create rituals for yourself or groups. Please feel free to discuss, ask questions, and share your ideas! :).


Thank you, Dana! This is extremely relevant for me right now.


I think this will be useful to me as I am preparing to rededicate my Apprentice curriculum at Samhuinn.


Thank you so much. I accidentally missed the workshop so I’m very excited to see this.

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Great! Please let me know how you use it and if it’s useful (as well as any suggestions you have for improving the framework). At some point this material will end up in a revised version of our Apprentice Guide.


I printed it out and inserted it in the appropriate chapter of the Apprentice Guide. I’ll study it, meditate on it and see what I come up with.


That’s a good idea. I may do that as well.


This was very helpful. I plan on printing a copy of it as well; and look forward to seeing it in the apprentice guide when I finish my candidate year. I appreciate how you included a separate section regarding rituals pertaining to giving thanks/ gratitude.

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I think in order to rebalance our relationship with nature, gratitude practices can be central to our work. So I try to include them in any work I do.


Oh, wow, Dana! What a perceptive and practical guide! Your suggestions inspire me to begin my own ritual work right away. Thank you so very much for sharing.

I used it tonight to write a new Alban Arthuan ritual. I followed the guide to write an outline, but when I started writing the actual ritual, Awen kicked in and I just banged it right out. /I\