Sonoran Desert Reading List

I am from Phoenix, Arizona and am trying to compile a list of resources to help support my first year experience–if anyone has found any book that they found particularly helpful, I’m hoping you’ll use this post to comment and help us build a resource list regarding the Sonoran Desert. Thank you in advance for any books you share!


I live in the Peoria area outside of Phoenix. I have only been here a couple of years so I’m sort of learning about the area myself, I don’t have a reading list but you can look at this thread for some ideas:

Along with those books listed there I like:
Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey
Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith Basso
and I have an old copy of the “Arizona Traveler’s Handbook” by Bill Weir that has a lot of good general info about flora/fauna and the various regions in the state - really a good all in one history/landscape/sites/environmental tome to have handy.


Hello! I am over in Chandler and got (nearly all) of my Candidate book list approved

  1. A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert
  2. Mesquite, An Arboreal Love Affair
  3. Birds of Phoenix and Maricopa County
  4. Natural Environments of Arizona
  5. Roadside Geology of Arizona
  6. Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest–this one is tentative and I may need to replace it)
  7. The Sonoran Desert, A Literary Field Guide
  8. When The Rains Come, A Naturalists Year in the Sonoran Desert
  9. A Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Maricopa County

good list. wanna to read some books too

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