Summer Solstice Land Healing Order-Wide Ritual - map and info!

AODA Once again invites members and friends of the order to participate in our Summer Solstice land Healing Ceremony. We are now moving into Year 2 of our ceremonies and it has been a wonderful year of creating them, talking about them, and developing new ideas and perspectives. Now in our second year, we get to deepen our work for healing and blessing of the land, sea, sky, and our homes and communities.

Our Summer Solstice ritual is a land healing ritual focusing on healing the lands where we live and is a distributed ritual–you can participate from anywhere. The more people we are able to have do the ceremony, the stronger and better our work becomes. You can do the ceremony anytime around the Summer Solstice. This ceremony is part of AODA’s commitment to both physical and metaphysical work to support the earth.

For details about our cycle of land-sea and sky-healing rituals and basic questions you may have, please visit this page: Rituals for the Earth – Ancient Order of Druids in America

For the specific script for this ritual and ritual overview, please visit. We have both an overview for advanced members as well as a step-by-step with all parts for our newer members.

As part of our new Land Healing Working Group, we will be having a call/debrief on this ceremony on July 13th (more info on this posted soon).

It is always a joy to see who else is participating in the ritual. Please feel free to add yourself (with however you’d like to call yourself or your group to our map). Our ritual map is here:

And instructions to add yourself to the map are below: