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Founded in 1912 as the American branch of the Ancient and Archaeological Order of Druids, the AODA is a traditional Druid Order with its roots in the Druid Revival of the 18th and 19th centuries. We neither have nor claim to have any connection to the ancient Druids of the Celtic peoples. We are an inclusive church of nature spirituality with members who follow a variety of spiritual paths, including Christianity, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Shinto, and many forms of neo-paganism.

The AODA envisions Druidry as a path of nature spirituality and inner transformation founded on personal experience rather than dogmatic belief. It welcomes people age 18 or over, of all national origins, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and affiliations with other Druidic and spiritual traditions.

This forum exists for members and friends of the AODA community. We have a code of conduct for all listmembers, which may be found below. All new forum members are moderated until they demonstrate willingness to abide by our code of conduct. Failure to abide by the code will get you long-term moderation, or ejection from the group. We take these rules seriously, and expect forum members to do the same.

Moderated posts are evaluated before being approved. If you’re a spammer of any kind, whether you’re selling fake watches or religion, don’t bother; nobody will ever see your post, and you will be permanently banned from the group on the first try. If you belong to Grouply, Meebo, or any other third party site which downloads group archives, don’t try to join this list; you will be banned.

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