Winter Soltsice Telluric Waterway Order-Wide Ritual - Ritual Map and Instructions

Hello everyone,

As we begin to approach the darkest time of year, I wanted to invite you once again to participate in the AODA’s Earth Healing rituals. AODA hosts three earth healing rituals for land, sea, and sky each year, as well as a ritual to support our communities and hearths.

Our Winter Solstice ritual, which is a Telluric Blessing of the Waterways, is open to all AODA members and friends of the AODA. Like our Summer Solstice Land Blessing, the Telluric Waterway Blessing Ritual is designed to use the power of our community, spread across the earth, to enact a larger-scale blessing. We would love for you to participate–even those brand-new or who are not members of AODA are welcome to join.

**The Ritual:**Details about the ritual, including a full downloadable script, can be found on this page:
Telluric Waterway Blessing at the Winter Solstice – Ancient Order of Druids in America. You are welcome to adapt the ritual as you see fit.

**Questions and Overview of All Rituals: **For general questions, a discussion of the four order-wide celebrations, and an FAQ, please visit this page: Rituals for the Earth – Ancient Order of Druids in America

Ritual Map: If you are going to participate, please add yourself to our ritual map (you can add a general location and a pseudonym, or your real information, whatever is your comfort level). This helps us see the larger impact of our ritual. The URL for the map is here: AODA Order-Wide Rituals - Google My Maps
Directions for how to add yourself to the map are included in the image below.

Community Call: We will have a debrief call on January 23rd, 8:30-10:00pm EST. This will allow us to come together as a community and share our experiences. In our January 23rd call, we will also begin to plan the Spring Equinox ritual (which has not yet been designed).

We have this forum as well as a channel in Discord (Earth Rituals) for you to share your experiences as well.

We hope that many of you choose to participate–we are very excited to see where this ritual goes!


This sounds like a beautiful ceremony at just the right time for full effect! Thanks to all who coordinated it.

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I can’t get the strip with the “add point” button to show up, even though I’m signed in to Google.

The problem I’m having with the map is when I go to drop a pin, it tells me this info will be populated across all google maps. It talks like this map isn’t limited to the Order.

That’s very strange. We are using the same map as before…can you both send me screenshots? I want to troubleshoot this before we announce it in the newsletter :slight_smile:

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It’s working on my phone now. But I can’t get to the same screen on the tablet.

This time I signed into Google before I clicked the link (I had signed in after I clicked the link the first time), and it let me add my pin.

Thanks for figuring it out, Claire! I’ll update the instructions this weekend. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ok, instructions updated :).


These instructions are AMAZING! Thank you!!! I have just the waterway in mind :wink:


The last time I attempted to drop a pin with my name and location, I messed up the whole map! If anyone is available to help, the please put a pin with “Monika Coyote, Rohersville, Maryland”. Many thanks, and “see” you all in January!

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I added it for you :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will figure out the poor Google Map interface eventually, tee hee!

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Thanks everyone! I am going to be doing my ritual here tomorrow, I think! :).