Workshop - Introduction to Animism for Druids - March 12th 7pm - 8:30pm EST

Hi everyone,

Please be reminded that Alisha Jondreau (Archdruid of Air) will be hosting a workshop on animism coming on Sunday at 7pm EST.

Here are details about the workshop: What is Animism? What makes a person an Animist? Can Animism be more than a philosophy? In this introductory workshop, we will be looking at what Animism is, and the different forms it can take. We will learn how we can observe Animist behavior in children, others, and ourselves regarding the natural world, and human-made objects. Last but not least, we will learn how we begin to make Animism a part of our druid practice, and day-to-day lives

Time: Mar 12, 2023 07:00 PM America/Detroit

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Meeting ID: 451 260 8842
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Good afternoon and thanks for sharing this information.

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Just bumping this up and reminding everyone we are having this workshop tonight. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Will there be a recording?

I won’t be recording this time around, but I will have a hand out with everything I’ll be discussing. I can share it here for those who miss the workshop.


I would love the handout! I did the math wrong for the time zone change and totally missed the workshop. I’m super bummed because I’ve had it on my calendar (incorrectly) for weeks and I REALLY wanted to be there. :sob: :sob: :sob:


Introduction to Animism.pdf (88.4 KB)

@amychutchinson Here’s the handout! We did a lot of conversation during the workshop, so if you want to talk about any of the information feel free to send me a private message!!


How are events like this announced? I never saw a thing about it until last night after the workshop. I would have loved to participate in this.

I see that a lot of effort was made to keep it toward the top but I missed it somehow.

Just now, I found it in the events calendar so that’s my bad. Is there a way to add an upcoming events section to the top of the forums?

The schedule is posted quarterly and can be found on the web here: Community Events – Ancient Order of Druids in America and then reminders are posted for each on-line event in the forums, discord, and fb.

I try to get them on the kitchen calendar, that way the fam inevitably asks what it is and I remember it’s coming up.

Ps: no big zoom events over the summer.


They are announced in the quarterly AODA newsletter as well. You should receive one by email if you are a member of AODA. If you’ve joined since the winter solstice, you’ll receive them from now on. The spring equinox newsletter will be out soon and will have the dates for the next three workshops in it. You can put the dates in your calendar so you won’t miss any that you want to attend.

If you’re not an AODA member, check the events calendar. I think they are posted there shortly after the newsletter comes out. A few days before each event, Dana posts it in whichever part of the forum it applies to. Some of the events are only for Apprentices, for instance, and get posted there.

I joined just after Winter Solstice so I just missed it.

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Please do share the handout. Had to miss this one!

The handout is in this thread, a few responses back - I’ve shared the link to save you some scrolling :smile:

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