Workshop - Nov 18th - 8:30 - Elemental Enchantment: Wardstones and Earth Spirits

Here is our final workshop for 2021! We hope to see many of you there:

**Elemental Enchantment: Wardstones and Earth Spirits **- November 18th, 8:30 – 10:00 pm EST
With Robert Pacitti, Grand Pendragon

Join us as we explore the telluric mysteries of the elemental spirits of the Earth. In this workshop we will build practical tools in both our inner and outer groves that will create a framework for deepening our relationship with these powerful and sometimes elusive spirits. All who seek are welcome!

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This workshop sounds awesome! Is there a plan to record it? I will be in another meeting at that time.

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I second that. I may be able to come in late, but I have another commitment that evening.

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I read the last line “All who see are welcome,” and it made me wonder if I could invite members of my coven to watch this?

Unfortunately, I have to work that night, but I am sure it will be awesome and encourage everyone who can to join.

I think this is a public workshop so it falls under that “AODA Members, and friends” category, meaning you could invite people to attend if you think they’d be interested :smiley: , but to be sure, I’m not misunderstanding anything…@DanaD am I correct in this?

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My meeting was unexpectedly cancelled! Excited to be able to attend! :star_struck:


I am going to make every effort to make it!

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Yes, you are welcome to invite anyone. This is a public and open workshop :slight_smile:

Hope to see everyone tonight! This is going to be a great workshop :).

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Thanks to @rjpacitti and everyone else who organized for a great workshop last night! I learned a lot and look forward to exploring the practices more.


This workshop wasn’t recorded, was it? Are there handouts or information that could be shared for those of us who couldn’t make it? It really did sound pretty cool.

Thank you all for the kind feedback! Please reach out to me if you would like a copy of the handout. While we did not record the session, I made sure to include a robust amount of information in the packet. @fisherkm I will get a copy over to you!


Really rich!
Thanks so much for the presentation!

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The movie The Princess Bride begins with a grandfather exclaiming, “this book has everything!” And I felt this way about the workshop. It should be presented as a video on YouTube. Gnomes, expanding your rock collection, a free way to effectively conduct self help and self reflection…It’s all here! If you missed it, the handout covers everything.

I tried to connect with my gnome spirit guide this morning. I meditated on choosing a location to start trying out this practice. It came to me to use the large oak tree in our back yard, even though there are more exotic spots. We built our house about 12 years ago. I walked the property several times before we cleared our lot. I chose this tree to remain, and asked forgiveness for the ones that needed to be cut down. I look at it every morning before I get out of bed, and ask it for a weather report. Under this tree seemed like a good spot for working with the Telluric spirits. Nothing grows under this tree, it is just dirt. A good spot for Earth spirits.

I then pictured my tree in my mind, and meditated on connecting with my gnome spirit guide. I received an image in my minds eye of a white covered porch, with a balcony over it. It looked like it was a European, old-world design. It had a trained vine growing over the side of the porch, up to the railing of the porch. There were no leaves on the vine. I then thought, “This is not my tree. It is not even a tree.” I thought that my mind was wandering yet again. Then I understood that I needed to listen; this was a vision. I wanted to see my gnome spirit guide, too. I but I just saw a mist. I asked the mist, “What is your name?”
I heard:
“Mary. Not Mary, Marie.”

I tried to see my guide, but it just turned misty.

As I was coming out of my meditation, I thought about how surprised I was to get anything productive. There has been construction around my house for several years. The noise pollution has been horrible. The beep-beep-beep of equipment and the thundering of construction has been unsettling. I assumed that all spirits of the forest have fled a while back, even though the land is still wooded. I then had the thought, “Gnomes like productivity. The construction doesn’t bother them like it does people. They like work.”

I wondered if the white, wintery scene in my vision was The North. It is really nice to finally have some energetic stuff flowing, after doing hard work for several months on unblocking my chakras.

I left an offering under my tree. A teeny coffee served in my most prized possession-my grandmother’s thimble. A couple of mushrooms and an earthy, grounding tidbit of pumpkin raisin bread were set out, too.

I did the stone meditation this afternoon and it was a very effective way to sort out my emotions. So this workshop not only was magical, but it has practical applications, too.


This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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The handout looks great, Rob! I look forward to digging into it (so to speak). Thanks much!


This was such a great workshop! Thank you to the presenters and organizers!