You are all invited to go on my journey with Shadows Grove

Hey y’all! Okay so about a month ago I decided to start a video blog type thing for me and the things I have been doing and working on since the move. I kept meaning to post the information to share with you all at the urging of my mentor Timothy… but I keep forgetting and get busy. Anyways, what better time than now since I have some babies on a live cam feed and I also will be starting a new one tomorrow I think of the incubator. I have 9 eggs due to hatch on Tuesday-ish. They are all lavender orpington chickens. My video blog stuff is pretty much just the earth path changes I have been implementing and the different homestead things we have been working on and such. I am not good at taking notes and I am even worse at communication. This style holds me accountable. It makes me keep record and it also encourages me to stay focused and keep promises to myself. So, this is my invitation to you all. I have a youtube channel and FB and a few other social media options… but really I am not that great with computers so my brother is helping me with that stuff.

I know this might seem silly for some… but it is huge to me. I would truly love it if I could take you all with me on my journey.

Here is a link to my youtube channel

I also have these social media pages… but probably put more focus on the facebook page since I am more comfortable with that.



Thanks for sharing this! We had some Buff Orpingtons years ago which were good chickens, but I didn’t realize there were Lavenders until now. Good luck in your chick-raising journey!

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