An Opportunity to Create Something Beautiful

So I’ve got to throw this out there-----anyone want to buy/build/purchase a 30 acre farm with us??? Its got an old farmhouse on it–in good shape—we don’t need the house, we have a house. We are interested in the land. So we are open to the idea of partners and there is a place for those partners to live.

My big thing with this is protecting the land to the highest degree possible. I’ve been reading the website at Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary and I really really like what they are doing. I’d almost say we could just use their example as a whole and use it ourselves. Of course things could be changed if need be but I really think they’ve got a good thing going…

This is from the Four Quarters website: " A t our core, Four Quarters is The Land.

A sacred place in the Alleghenies, set aside in perpetuity as a Sanctuary for Nature… and for People.
A lasting home for Earth Based Spirituality."

If we were purchase this place it would be to protect the land and that would mean I’d like to write some sort of covenant that would forbid either party from ever selling it. I don’t think land should be a commodity. Anyways ideas would be to purchase land start a market garden like Jean Martin and run pastured poultry like J Salatin as the 2 big ideas to generate income. Other ideas could easily be added. Then of our salary/profit I would envision keeping the bare minimum necessary (2 K a month?) and donating the rest to the community…

Anyone interested in any capacity don’t hesitate to private message me or write back
Thanks so much!

Hi Fat Owl,

I have my own land, so not looking to purchase any more… but I just returned from spending the weekend at Four Quarters. We go there a lot, and there is an OBOD event that takes place there once a year in May. It is seriously a wonderful place with good people and good energy :).


Hi Dana —thank you for your reply.

I’ve yet to make the trip to Four Quarters, I came real close to going to an Age of Limits/Peak oil conference there once but plans changed at the last minute. I’ve just become friends with some local people who got married at Four Quarters and that got me to thinking about them again. You are right, it does seem like a wonderful place and I can’t wait to finally get to visit in person.

We druids need to make more of these wonderful places. I am super glad that Four Quarters is there in Pennsylvania and is doing well and I am sure there are more places like it that I have yet to discover but why not another one here in Virginia?

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@Fatowl: Have you checked out The Land Celebration in Gore, VA? :slight_smile:

I had not heard of them before. I just went to their website and I like what I see. I don’t have the time at present to read everything on the website, but later tonight or tomorrow night I will be sure to read it all.

Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like something good to me…

There used to be a pan-druid event that took place there (it no longer does), so I was able to visit there for a few years. It is a very cool place, very sacred.

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A few years ago I bought two one square foot plots of land in a forest in the Highlands of Scotland. It purportedly came with a Laerd Ttile. That gimmick aside, the true value was in the process. According to the literature the estate was subdivided into square foot plots that could be sold individually, and nobody was allowed more than one square foot per name. So, I bought one for my Lady and one for myself. We own 2 square feet of land in an old growth forest. We can never develop it or even harvest timber without getting the permission of every deed holder. That is a good way to divest your land and provide permanent legal protections for it.



I like it. It is definitely a gimmick of sorts. I still thinking buying land in any form is a delusion, even if it is only 1 sq foot. But I get where they are going with it. Can we druids buy the world back 1 sq ft at a time? And then transfer the deed/title back to the true owner/owners—the animals and spirits? lol

I like the stipulation about not being able to develop or harvest timber without permission from everyone.

Thanks for sharing…

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The place is now a nature preserve (Lochaber Highlands). They are using proceeds from purchases of plots of land to reforest an adjacent property. They have different options and levels of donation. It turned out to be an ecologically sound investment. I plan to continue to support the forest there. I think it would be awesome to have an AODA plot there. Donations are larger than when I initially invested 12 years ago. But, I think it is still worth it for me to invest in the preservation and regrowth of forests in the lands of my ancestors, and elsewhere.

It would be awesome if AODA could find an enterprise like this in the US that would partner with us to grow an AODA Sacred Grove for national meetings. Now, I will probably learn that AODA has one, or many, already.


This is great! Thank you for sharing. We don’t have a sacred preserve. We do regularly donate to organizations who do this work. (We are a pretty small organization, and land ownership would make things fairly complicated at this point!)


I have had a similar idea. I purchased five acres a while back. My fiance and i plan on only developing it enough to establish a home. The remainder of the land will remain in it’s natural state. I have researched many alternative gardening, water conservation, and power methods to reduce the impact to nature while creating a sustainable life.
Further future goals are to help with native plant and animal species restoration in my area. I am currently enrolled in a Forestry and Wildlife Conservation program that I expect to finish by the end of the year.
Eventually I would like to devote my time to habitat preservation and restoration. So I know what you mean . I love the idea of a protected grove built by the community.


My wife’s Family has a large parcel of 300 acres on a mountain. it island that according to the rights of inheritance may not be developed beyond the building of a dwelling and may never be sold out from the family, a private preserve if you will.

It is a glorious and beautiful haven. Teaming with wildlife,from whitetail deer, and common rabbits, grey squirrels, chip monks, Red tail Hawks, Corvids, Turkey, Black Bears, Timber Rattlers, and many many more. As such my wife has proposed to have her Ala Matar plant Chestnuts trees to help restore the Species.