AODA Discord Server

There is now an AODA Discord Server up, and waiting! Many of us wished for a way to have real time conversations with other druids, and now we can! Please click here to join the server.

This Discord server has a range of channels for our members, and guests! Come play in the AODA’s new space, and tell us what you think! Be sure to read and click the “reaction” emoji at the bottom of the “Rules” channel!

If you’ve never used Discord but would like to join us - I recommend downloading the discord app to your computer (it can be more user friendly - but Discord is available on website, phone, tablet, or PC). You will need to set up an account, and verify your email.

If anyone needs help please let me know, and I will happily get you started!


If you are a member please send me, or Blaidd a message on discord with your current degree or GCC grade in order to gain access to the members only areas.


So far, I’m not seeing the advantage to that platform. Maybe it will grow on me.


Discord has a lot of the same features as zoom, but without the need for a “Host”. The voice chat channels can do voice calls, video, screen share etc. If you wanted to meet up with a fellow druid to talk about projects, rituals, or share resources etc. You could set up a meeting time to appear in the channels. Discord can also allow you to have voice/video calls through their Direct Messaging.

Granted Discord is not for everyone (I have a few friends that dislike using it), but the advantage is it’s flexibility, and the ability to sit and have real time conversations with another. A wonderful thing if you’re like me and have no other druids near by.


Ok, that sounds like it could be useful.

One other useful thing - above the room list, if you click on the down arrow, you can change your nickname. That then gets used across a given server (ie you can have your forum name for AODA, a different name for a different server group).



Thank you! We’ll be adding a channel or two in the Rules/Welcome area to give a place for helpful tricks/tips like this, FAQ, and channel/permissions explanations. Feedback, and suggestions are welcome! I’ve got lists on the go lol :grin:

We want to try, and make it as easy as possible for any members new to Discord.


@lilwolf, it looks like the link has expired - could a new one be posted?

@diapasoun Yep I sure can :slight_smile: Here’s the new invite!

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Here’s a link that is set to not expire! :grin:


Thank you very much! Still learning :sweat_smile:

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I’m a daily discord user. I live there. It’s cool. It will grow on you.


Maybe. It hasn’t happened yet.

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It’s not for everyone, and during COVID many people have been forced to learn a variety of new programs. It can be stressful, and discouraging to learn new systems sometimes. The live platform of Discord is a very different feel from the thoughtful, contemplative atmosphere of the forums. The Discord atmosphere is far more casual, and the conversation is always changing, and evolving because of the live chat feature. Not everyone is going to get comfortable with Discord, but that’s okay!

All we hope is that we’ve provided one more point of access to our members to make use of. We are also planning a social event on Discord, and will likely post more information on that in the next couple days!

Also while I’m here. I’d like to point out that there are a range of voice chat channels that members are allowed to use as they please, and at their leisure (info soon to be added to the Discord’s FAQ). We have event channels that we reserve for meetings and such :wink:. Everything else - is open for use whenever people wish, no permission required.


it feels fleeting and ungrounded to me, but my entire chart is earth and water (1 fire, 1 air) so what do i know. There are some nice themes that come up, but it all seems so fleeting. The ability to sit with a thought and come back to that conversation a few days later and comment – i really value the potential depth that structure allows us here … that does not seem to be what discord is made for. its mercurial in ways the forums are not.

I also find it more difficult visually. Its cluttered and bling bling. the interface is easy to navigate, its just harder to read, requires more effort than this platform. Here, it is clean and crisp, and the platform can hold inquiry over time. I appreciate that. Also, this doesn’t feel like social media, where as discord does, and leaving facebook is one of the best things i have done for my mental health and my society in a very long time. profoundly important. So i feel ya @Larry. I may show up there, but currently, I prefer this place.


Well, to be fair, it took a while of using it for the Minecraft server I play on to get used to but it wasn’t until I started seeking out other types of servers (druidic, pagany, witchy, spiritual, reiki servers) to totally love Discord. Now I use it every day like I used to mIRC back in the 90s/2000s. It’s groovy once you get used to the layout and all. At least, it is for me.


Oh I remember the days of mIRC and later, MSN and Yahoo chatrooms lol I sort of miss those days. I used to have my system set up with bots that monitored the rooms for me when I was away. Discord seems to be easy enough, but whenever I go in, nobody’s there. I think it’s probably a timing issue for many people.

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Now that is a throwback in the way back machine.

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@HeatherMac I am on from 8am - 3 pm Central. Alisha sometimes earlier as she is in a earlier timezone and Kyle pops on close to noon my time since he is in Hawaii. Not sure about the weekends.

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